Council considers Wednesday night meetings

Former councillor says current schedule excludes public on important topics

Mission council is considering changing Wednesday afternoon council meetings to Wednesday evening after former councillor Ron Taylor accused the group of excluding the public from contentious topics.

“The most important items this council considers are not addressed truly in the public,” said Taylor, who spoke as a late delegation earlier this week.

Taylor claims it’s difficult for the public to attend mid-day council meetings and such a schedule makes it “impossible for someone with a regular job to serve on council.”

Wednesday gatherings are held when there is overflow from the regular Monday night council meetings. Council changed its meeting dates almost a year ago from almost every Monday night to Monday and if necessary, Wednesday, on the first and third weeks of the month.

This council is more transparent than any other council that has served Mission, said Coun. Dave Hensman. “We made this change so we can speed up business.”

“I think the way we do it today is far more superior,” said Mayor Ted Adlem.

Coun. Larry Nundal pointed out evening meetings cost will cost the district in staff overtime, unless time is taken off in lieu.

All councillors say they would support Wednesday evening meetings if it works better for most people.

District staff will research the ramifications of such a move and present the findings to council at a later date.