COUNCIL: Nicholson, Rhett

District of Mission: Nicholson, Rhett - council candidate

  • Oct. 27, 2014 3:00 p.m.
Rhett Nicholson

Rhett Nicholson

Rhett Nicholson

Graduate of the Art Institute of Vancouver – VEF

Small Business Owner (Sue’s Copy Place)

Previous political experience:

Board Member Downtown Business Association

President of the Mission Optimist Club

Community involvement:

Local Business (Sue’s Copy Place) 20 years

Creator & Organizer of Missionfest Downtown Street Fair

Creator & Youth Adviser for the Junior Optimist Club of Mission & the CBC recognized Magazine “Optimix”

Organizer Safe Halloween Trick or treating Downtown Mission

Marketing Rockin’ River Musicfest

Volunteer Canada Day

Volunteer Adopt – a – Block

Volunteer  MAC Children Festival

Volunteer Riot of Reading

Volunteer Fire Safety Week

Volunteer Street Hope (Feeding the Hungry)

Volunteer BC Day

Volunteer Youth Week

Family with 2 Young Children



Social media:


Mission voters have a chance this election to really impact the future of Mission. With a large demographic of young families and seniors, Mission needs to focus on the overall safety, economy and spirit of our community. Politicians need to recognize the needs of our community-the hot button issues that effect all of us.

Public safety – Our current status is, below par. We need to listen to our expert staff and let them do their jobs. Our family parks are in disarray and are clearly a low priority. Meth labs are popping up due to the lax by-laws created by our current council. The overall disconnect of our community leaves us fending for ourselves. If elected, I will work hard to repair relationships with staff, re-engage the community to take pride in our public spaces & stand up for them. We need to find money, even if we have to reach out to our local service clubs to rebuild our parks in order to show our children & grandchildren we care and what it takes to be apart of a strong community. Last we need to revisit the bylaws related to illegal property activities and make sure our city is protected and our citizens are safe.

The Local Economy – A strong economy will bring new investment. This will start with branding Mission. Mission has so much to offer. Let’s make it the tourist destination to our neighbouring cities. We already have a strong base for tourism. It’s already started but now we need to organize it, package it & promote it. Why drive from Surrey all the way to Kelowna or Whistler when we can offer the same thing in a third of the distance. If we build a strong business base, we will build strong businesses.  Investors want to invest in a strong economy, with leaders willing to work with them. We need to shed our current label of in-fighting government & being hard to work with. With my education and experience I believe I am a clear candidate to lead Mission to a new, brighter and more profitable future.

Community – As an experienced community activist, I know the challenges we face.  Realistically, we are actually in good shape. The trick is coordination. We have some of the most amazing community leaders. You can tell by the amount of festivals our city boasts. We have strong service clubs, churches & non-profits already working hard for us. We need to co-ordinate these efforts & branch out. Connect with our new neighbours here to enjoy the affordable properties. If we can’t take the people to the community let’s take community to the people.An example would be set-up festivals and events at local parks and school gyms all over Mission. This will give us an avenue for education, participation and a chance for inclusion.