COUNCIL: Shah, Shazad

District of Mission: Shah, Shazad - council candidate

  • Oct. 27, 2014 11:00 a.m.
Shazad Shah

Shazad Shah

Name: Shazad Shah

Party affiliation (if any):

Education: BSc Biology

Occupation: Education Assistant SD#34

Previous political experience: Provincial campaign volunteering, elected to UNBC Senate

Residency (city/neighbourhood): Old Mission

Community involvement: Employed  by MACL, Volunteered with MAC, MCSS, CFUR, Board Memeber of PGPIRG, Community resource volunteer with UBC Campout.

Marital status/children: Single


Social media:


The three most important issues are:

1- Homelessness.

2- Taxes.

3- Public Safety.

1- As a multi-layered problem that reflects mental health, advocacy and proper service allocation. My plan is to advocate for dialogue to the Provincial government to re-instate services around mental health. I also see myself representing the voice of those that are marginalised to ensure their needs are not pushed to the side.

2- No tax increases means we are loosing services. Sewage is expected to grow by 2%, population by at least that. Instead of looking at cutting services, letting our infrastructures fall apart, and creating low moral within the people that make our city run, Mu goals is to creating a vibrant industry with tourism to offset the high property taxes. By also looking at what a community needs and not just subdividing rural land to put money in select few pockets, my plan is to build upon the communities we have while ensuring to keep our taxes low.

3- Citizens don’t feel safe. From finding discarded needles, to the increase in waitlist for inspections, our city has fallen on the things that make us safe. We need to readdress safety within our community in a much more engaging way- by increasing law enforcement and fire fighters, building on partnerships, education, and working with task forces to eliminate gang presence within our community.