Defeated application returns to public hearing

Townhouse development on Cedar will be reconsidered on May 7

A townhouse development defeated 5-2 at a public hearing on March 26 has received new life following a special request for reconsideration from Mayor Ted Adlem on Monday.

“I am confident that the issues raised by the public in council can be addressed, and as such we should reconsider this application and investment in our community,” he said.

The application on Cedar Street near Tunbridge Avenue was for 38 townhomes ranging in price from $260,000 to $300,000, and 21 single-family homes with 21 rear coach houses ranging in price from $400,000 to $450,000.

But the proposal was rejected following public and council concerns that the development’s density would cause parking and traffic issues the neighbourhood could not absorb.

“I believe this developer is more than willing to address the issues of access, basement suites, along with coach houses that council has concerns about, parking and park problems,” said Adlem.

Coun. Dave Hensman said members of council met with developer Rick Redekop, and was given assurance by him that changes would make it appropriate to bring the application back to a public hearing on May 7.

A 22-signature petition against the development was presented to council on March 26 from Machell Street residents.

The current official community plan (OCP) allows for a theoretical minimum density of 38 apartment units and 29 townhomes, which is more than what the developer was asking for, but several people argued the 21 accessory coach houses would create a higher density desirability than was reflected in the OCP.

The 5-2 vote marked the first time the new council had defeated a development application, with only Coun. Larry Nundal and Adlem voting in support. The vote to resubmit the application for a public hearing on May 7 passed 7-0.