District issues fireworks reminder

Selling or using fireworks is illegal without a permit from the district.

District issues fireworks reminder

With Halloween approaching, the District of Mission reminds everyone that selling or using fireworks in the municipality is illegal.

In Mission, only those who have received a permit at the municipal hall are permitted to use fireworks. Permits are only issued to someone holding a current “fireworks supervisor” certificate, issued by the Federal Energies, Mines and Resources department.

“Many people regard the use of fireworks as a harmless bit of fun, and used in the correct way they can be an exciting and colourful display,” the District said in a press release. “As with most things, the problems occur when they are not used correctly; this can result in serious injury. Setting off fireworks in your neighbourhood can create problems when the houses are close together and children are out trick or treating.”

Fireworks can also result in property damage or injury to a person, and the chemicals used to manufacture some pyrotechnics can burn at several thousand degrees.

Those same chemicals make it impossible to douse the fireworks with water – they have to burn themselves out.

The district urges everyone to play it safe, and to only use fireworks under the supervision of someone who has received a permit and is properly trained in the use of these highly explosive devices.

Anyone convicted of using fireworks without a permit may be subject to a fine of up to $1,000.