District releases report on staff departures

Departures and vacancies typical of turnover at District of Mission: mayor

Fourteen exempt staff members (non-unionized workers such as managers) have left their employment at the District of Mission from 2012 until April 14 of this year.

According to statistics released by the district this week, seven of those employees resigned, three retired, one was put on long-term disability and three were terminated. Of the 14, nine were senior managers.

In the previous three years (from 2009 to 2011), three exempt staff members resigned, three retired, one was put on long-term disability and one was terminated, for a total of eight.

Mission Mayor Ted Adlem said the report shows staff departures and vacancies is typical of turnover at the District of Mission.

Coun. Dave Hensman added, “I was troubled by the induced crisis that was allegedly surrounding this whole issue. I’m glad we can clear up confusion.”

Coun. Jenny Stevens predicted there will be more baby-boomers retiring and suggested some councillors were concerned about staff departures because it “is a sign, to me, of a council that actually cares about what is going on and is prepared to ask questions.”

Stevens also noted, “In the end we had a thoroughly good look at how we’re doing things, what’s being done, how it can be improved, but also identified it’s not the crisis some councillors thought it was.”

The senior staff turnovers caught the attention of Couns. Tony Luck, Jeff Jewell and Nelson Tilbury earlier this year.

Tilbury said the loss of top people will put Mission behind for years because it takes time for employees to become familiar with the environment and community.

Last month, The Record obtained staff departure statistics from similar-sized communities. Port Moody has lost four senior managers in the past two years and Vernon has lost one. In Penticton, about half a dozen exempt staff resigned or retired from their jobs in the past two years, but most held middle management positions, and only one was a senior manager.

The full report on Mission’s staffing departures and vacancies, including statistics on full-time, part-time and employees, is in the May 20 council agenda which is available at www.mission.ca.