A woman is treated after being involved in a dog attack Thursday afternoon in downtown Mission. Police in the distance keep an eye on the offending canine.

Dogs attacked downtown

Three small, white dogs were injured in incident, according to witnesses

A woman and her three small white dogs were walking in the alley between First and Second Avenues near Grand Street when they attacked by a larger brown dog just before 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Witnesses at the scene said they saw the brown dog walking across Grand Street on its own and ran over to help when they heard screams and yelps from the small dogs.

“The small dogs were all on leashes,” said a woman who was at Stiletto Hair Studio, located on Grand Street. “The other dog didn’t have a collar.”

Grace Jones, who works at the hair studio, said she regularly sees the white dogs being walked by the same woman.

Jones thought the attack was unprovoked and said it was fortunate a police officer was in the area when it happened.

“I ran out there to help,” she said. “The woman had all three (of her dogs) on leashes trying to get them away from (the attacking dog).”

But as soon as one of her little ones were wrestled away from the grips of the attacking dog, another one would be targeted, Jones continued.

“I think all three dogs were attacked, but one got the worst of it.”

Eventually, the police and the owner of the three dogs managed to pull the attacking canine away.

Two of the small dogs got away and ran down the alley. Jones gave chase and with the help of pedestrians, managed to bring both dogs back to their owner.

The owner of the three dogs was treated for cuts to her hand and head.

The identity of the owner of the attacking dog is unknown at this time. After the incident, a woman showed up and put a collar on the brown dog.

Mission Animal Control attended and the woman placed the animal in the back of the animal control vehicle.

Mission RCMP have not yet released any information about the incident.