Election signs have been found pulled out of the ground and even vandalized

Election signs being tampered with

Local parties agree incidents are minor and part of campaign fever.

With the B.C. election campaign in its second week, there has been some local tampering with campaign signs.

Abbotsford West Liberal candidate Mike de Jong had several of his signs pulled up or knocked over in the area of Townline and MacLure roads.

Mario Miniaci, a spokesman for the de Jong campaign, said his office was informed by Elections BC that there were “a bunch down” in that location.

“We’ve had others that have been down in the campaign, but we  just send our guys out and put them back up.”

They have even found some NDP signs that have been fastened onto Liberal boards.

He said he doesn’t think there’s anything to it as it is “part of the usual stuff” that occurs during an election campaign.

NDP candidates have also had some signs removed.

“You put them up and people are going to knock them down,” said Rick Schneider, campaign manager for NDP candidate Sukhi Dhami, also running in Abbotsford West.

He said volunteers check them each day and reposition any that have fallen or been knocked down.

He has not heard about any signs being attached to those of competitors.

“Typically there is alway going to be jostling for position.”

Independent candidate John van Dongen (Abbotsford South) said he has also had some signs tampered with.

Abbotsford-Mission NDP candidate Preet Rai has had some of his signs burnt.