Geet Grewal is running as the federal Liberal candidate in the riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Valley.

Geet Grewal is running as the federal Liberal candidate in the riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Valley.

Federal election 2021: Geet Grewal – Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon

Grewal is the Liberal Party candidate for the local riding

The Abbotsford News asked candidates in the federal riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon three questions (each with a 100-word limit). The same questions have been provided to candidates in the Abbotsford riding. These will be published in the Sept. 9th edition and posted at afterwards. For candidates in the Langley-Aldergrove riding (of which Abbotsford is a part), visit

1. Why are you running to be a Member of Parliament?

The residents of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon are living on the front lines of climate change and a global pandemic. Our communities are facing the worst air-quality conditions in the world, being destroyed by wildfires, and continue to battle health risks from COVID-19. None of us can afford to talk without taking action any longer. That’s why I decided to run as a first-time candidate. With the trust of MMFC, I want to finish the fight against COVID-19, and build stronger and more resilient communities – communities that are healthier, greener and more competitive.

2. What skills and attributes do you have that would make you a good elected representative for your constituents?

As a young, racialized woman and a first-time candidate I have a lot to offer in the way of new ideas, passion and community spirit. I want to ensure our community directly benefits from the investments our government is making across the country. As someone who was born and raised in the Fraser Valley, I have deep roots in the region and the riding. Throughout my life, I’ve been an advocate for people in need. I never want anyone to feel they don’t belong; every citizen and resident of our nation has an equal right to live their life free of racism and feel included.

3. What are the two biggest issues for your constituents in Abbotsford and how will you and/or your party address them?

Abbotsford cares about combating climate change and conserving our environment for future generations. A re-elected Liberal government will invest $450 million ahead of the next fire season to invest in the equipment needed to fight wildfires and keep firefighters safe. We will also dedicate $50 million to help train at least 1,000 firefighters in targeted wildfire risk management strategies across the country.

Leading the recovery from COVID-19 and protecting our health is another key issue. A re-elected Liberal government will invest $100M in studying the long-term health impacts of COVID-19 and introduce a $1 billion proof-of-vaccine COVID-19 fund for provinces and territories.

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