Mission Mayor Randy Hawes spent just over $7

Mission Mayor Randy Hawes spent just over $7

Hawes spent $7,000 on election campaign

According to disclosure statements, Mission mayor outspent rivals Ted Adlem and Tony Luck in 2014 mayoral race.

Randy Hawes spent $7,072 on his campaign to become Mission’s mayor during the November 2014 civic election. That’s just over $3,000 more than former mayor Ted Adlem who spent $4,000.

Hawes’ major contributors included $2,000 from Alpenhaus Restaurant Ltd. of Burnaby (Brock Rodgers and Ken Brook) as well as receiving $1,000 donations from Allard Contracting Ltd. of Coquitlam (Jim and Barry Allard), Mission’s Catherwood Towing Ltd. (Ernie Catherwood) and Fraser Cedar Products of Maple Ridge (B. Gill Trust).

Adlem financed his own campaign.

Other mayoral candidates spent as follows: Tony Luck ($5,064), Wendy Bales ($1,400) and Kevin Francis ($84).

These figures were made public on Monday as disclosure statements were released.

The campaign for council was a little less expensive for candidates.

Danny Plecas had the highest amount of campaign expenses ($4,097) among those who won a seat at the table, while Jenny Stevens had the least ($658). Other winning councillor expenses included: Rhett Nicholson ($3,999), Jim Hinds ($2,164), Pam Alexis ($1,986) and Carol Hamilton ($1,698).

The election expenses of candidates who failed to win included: Bobby Brar ($4,000), Attila Davalovsky ($2,000), Don Forsythe ($4,000), Terry Gidda ($4,250), Ronn Harris ($4,000), Dave Hensman ($4,000), Barry Jeske ($2,360), Jeff Jewell ($3,397), Michael Nenn ($3,425), Larry Nundal ($4,000), Shazad Shah ($3,616), Terry Stobbart ($3,369) and Rich Vigurs ($704).

Of the five elected Mission school trustees, Rick McKamey spends the most money on his campaign ($1,984) while

Randy Cairns spent the least ($461). The other three winning candidates spent as follows: Jim Taylor ($927), Tracy Loffler ($1,021) and Shelley Carter ($1,135).