How much should council earn?

Current politicians will compare their salaries to other communities

A couple of Mission councillors will be working with staff to develop a remuneration policy for the next council.

“I applaud this council for doing this one year before a new council comes in,” said Coun. Jenny Stevens, who noted council has not had a wage increase in five years.

“It’s always a touchy subject,” said Coun. Tony Luck. “I like this process. I think previous councils should always set remuneration for the next council. If the next council doesn’t like it, they can rescind it.”

Coun. Nelson Tilbury suggested an outside source should do the study because “it’s not appropriate for us to say what we should get.”

Coun. Jeff Jewell, who has already begun researching salaries from similar-sized communities, will work with Luck and staff on the report, which will be brought back to council for discussion and presented to the public.