Items left at Mission curbside weren’t trash

The Greenwoods are hoping the person who mistakenly thought some items at the curb were left out for spring clean up week are returned

Angela Greenwood and her five children.

Angela Greenwood and her five children.

A Mission family found out the hard way there are early risers combing trash piles during spring clean-up week.

Ray Greenwood is a driver with Allied Trucking and was waiting for his ride at 6:30 a.m. Sunday with his duffel bag and golf clubs. His partner was late so Ray popped inside to make a phone call and within a few minutes, the items he left at the edge of the driveway were gone.

Angela, Ray’s wife, said she knows it’s most likely just a misunderstanding, as her neighbourhood’s garbage pick up day was Monday, but the mistake’s financial toll is adding up.

The black, Allied-emblazoned bag contained his work uniforms, passport, GPS and Sirius satellite radio. Coupled with the golf clubs, Angela estimates the family is down about $2,000.

If anyone has seen these items, send an e-mail to or call Angela at 604-826-3776.