Large tree taken down in 7 hours

60-year-old tree in Mission was damaged during recent windstorm

It took a crew from Central Valley Tree Services seven hours to safely bring down a 130-foot tall tree on Melbourne Street that had been damaged in a windstorm two weeks ago.

It took a crew from Central Valley Tree and Arborist Services about seven hours to safely take down a 130-foot tall hemlock tree that had been damaged in last week’s windstorm.

The tree was about 60 years old and had root disease, explained arborist Bob Kwak, noting nearby homes on Melburn Drive did not sustain any damaged.

The tree was knocked down about 20 feet and was resting against a large maple and a smaller hemlock.

Kwak and his team were called in by the District of Mission to investigate a way to removed the tree.

The company brought in a 200 tonne crane that reached out 185 feet. A two-man crew climbed into the bucket and trimmed the tree bit by bit.

“It was a big job,” said Kwak.