Jacqueline Clark has been eliminated from MasterChef Canada.

Jacqueline Clark has been eliminated from MasterChef Canada.

Local cook eliminated from MasterChef Canada

Jacqueline Clark, a resident of Abbotsford and an accountant for the District of Mission, finished in ninth place.

The ride of a lifetime came to an abrupt end for Jacqueline Clark.

An accountant for the District of Mission and a devoted home cook, Clark has been competing on the television program MasterChef Canada, but despite many successful dishes, her time on the show is over.

Last week, with only nine cooks remaining in the competition, Clark was sent home when her ricotta cheese dishes didn’t meet the judges’ standards.

When the judges announced she was going home, one thought ran through Clark’s mind.

“Are there do-overs? Can I try again please?”

While disappointed that she had been eliminated, Clark said she knew it would end eventually.

“Everybody has to go home, even the winner,” she told the Record during a phone interview.

She called the experience inspiring.

“It’s hard to put into words. It was life-changing. I made some of the best friends that I’m ever going to have in my life.”

She said competing on the show was filled with highs and lows.

“Everybody’s so talented this year. You have one bad dish and you’re going home. But I’m completely happy with how everything went and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.”

While she found it an emotional experience to watch her final appearance on TV, Clark still plans to be a regular viewer. She doesn’t know what happened after she left and is excited to see who wins it all.

Before she left the set, Clark received some inspirational words from one of the judges.

“We have no doubt that you are a really good accountant, but you should definitely reconsider your day job. You are an excellent cook and food should really be your life’s work,” said judge Cladio Aprile.

While Clark was thrilled with the compliment, she has no immediate plans to resign. However, she may take a second job.

“What I’m really passionate about and looking into is getting a food truck. I want to operate it part-time at farmers’ markets on the weekend. That way I can keep my day job but still have that creative outlook.”