Ted Adlem and Tony Luck were not re-elected to office

Ted Adlem and Tony Luck were not re-elected to office

Luck eyes 2018 election

Adlem has no plans to run for office again in the future

Tony Luck, who finished as runner-up in the race for mayor, is already eying the next civic election.

“I’m not going away,” said Luck, who will be watching the new council closely. “I’ve had so many people tell me I should’ve run for council instead. I have a common sense approach to things.”

Luck, who has been accused of being indecisive on issues at times, said he was trying to be thoughtful.

While he plans to return to work as a financial consultant, Luck is also considering options to get involved in the community. He plans to take what he has learned on council in the past three years to create a better community to live in.

“I don’t want to become a bitter person because I was defeated,” said Luck, who spoke about ways to educate voters and increase voter turnout in the next election earlier this week.

He also wants to increase tourism in Mission and will be working on a sturgeon run for motorcyclists, similar to the Oyster Run in Anacortes, Washington, where thousands of people cruise through for entertainment, and food, including oysters.

“I believe tourism is the economic generator for Mission,” Luck shared. “I’m really excited about this.

Luck said he will miss being on council, but feels he ran a good campaign and was encouraged by the people he met and the support he received.

Unlike Luck, outgoing mayor Ted Adlem, who finished in third place, has no plans to run for office again.

“I had my little stint at politics,” said Adlem. “Not many people get to be mayor of their community … I have no desire to do anything else politically. I absolutely will not run again.”

Adlem has enjoyed his time as mayor and before adjourning his last council meeting Monday night, he thanked the community for the opportunity to serve and district staff for their work.

Looking back over the past few years, Adlem said he wouldn’t have done anything different.

“The voter is always right,” he said.

Adlem and his Citizens for Responsible Municipal Government (CRMG) team were defeated in the polls and failed to win a seat around the council table. But he still believes a slate is the “only way to campaign for people who don’t have a lot of money.”