Mission Memorial Hospital. / File Photo

Mission Memorial Hospital. / File Photo

MATH starts petition to stop relocation of medical technologists from Mission hospital

Mission All Together for Healthcare petition reaches nearly 800 signatures in 2 days

Mission All Together for Healthcare (MATH) has started a petition to stop the transfer of medical imaging technologists at Mission hospital to other Fraser Valley hospitals to cover staff shortages.

MATH started the petition two days ago on Tuesday May 31, and it has nearly reached 800 signatures (out of a goal of 1,000).

“If such vital staff are redeployed, it can be unsafe for remaining staff to work at a reduced staffing level. Any additional staff shortage such as illness will further reduce imaging services to our community resulting in increased wait times or necessitate travel to other communities for X-ray and ultrasound services,” the petition says.

Medical imaging technologists are responsible for everything from x-rays to ultrasounds. Mission Memorial Hospital lost one of its three day shift positions to other hospitals at the end of May.

MATH states that the decision was made in haste, and removes another service from Mission for regional needs.

“Our community wants to have our voice heard and to be part of the solution. Mission residents need and deserve timely local access to critical medical diagnostics such as imaging.”

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