MAYOR: Bales, Wendy

District of Mission: Bales, Wendy - mayoral candidate

  • Oct. 27, 2014 10:00 a.m.
Wendy Bales

Wendy Bales

Wendy Bales

Wendy has lived and worked in Mission and the surrounding area since 1974.

She worked for many years in forestry. Later, while growing her own a landscaping & tile-setting business, in 1986 Wendy has a son Christopher, who has since worked part time in the businesses Wendy has also started an organic home greenhouse business. Currently Wendy has served for 2 terms as the elected rural Director for Area C in the FVRD; a position she’s held since 2008.  If elected as Missions mayor Wendy would turn her businesses over to her son to run in order to devote full time to political work.


I will work towards a more engaged, responsible, community inclusive, civil and transparent governance.

1.       A vibrant downtown is the centerpiece of a thriving and cohesive community. I fully support the commitment to revitalize the downtown. The plan must be realistic and affordably staged. It must include addressing issues of the homeless and affordable housing. More work needs to be done to address parking and traffic flow issues to ensure the plan addresses present challenges while anticipating future needs. Improve and expand public infrastructure: I will work to address transportation issues on the highway route, while keeping in mind expansion options for future rapid rail. 90

2.      Enhance and protect the local economy:  I believe we can offer incentives to promote community resilience and job creation locally, that could include retrofits for energy conservation and the growing renewable economies that would include energy retrofits and local food security. Mission has tremendous assets that need to be supported and optimized, including a world class fishing and tourism industry, a major university, and some of the best farmland in the Fraser Valley. As one of two directors that did not vote in favor of the FVRD raises in directors’ pay. If elected as mayor of Mission I will donate my Mission Mayor and FVRD raise amounts to start sustainability initiatives. 111

3.      Healthy community policies: My son was born at Mission Memorial Hospital 28 years ago when it was one of the best full service hospitals in B.C. – I remain as committed to lobbying to restoring acute care services for our community.  We need to prepare for growing health care needs.  I want to be more proactive in ensuring a healthy environment for all Mission citizens.  We must address potable water issues while improving delivery systems. We need to address the social issues and needs for the young and aging populations. We need to develop strategies to build more affordable housing. 99

“As someone who has been self-employed for many years, I understand that free enterprise is a great motivator for productivity, but I also understand the need to keep some things under public management to protect and balance the best interests of the public.”