Paris Cavanah is the first-time author of Mystery of Planet Crania, the first in the Hypernova trilogy. Facebook photo.

Mission author publishes young-adult novel, the first of a sci-fi trilogy

23-year-old Paris Cavanah has been writing the universe for her Hypernova series since high school

A first-time author in Mission has recently published a young-adult novel, the first installment in a sci-fi trilogy.

Paris Cavanah, 23, has released Mystery of Planet Creyenia, the first in the Hypernova Series, which focuses on two brothers traversing the galaxy, saving lives and thwarting space pirates.

She said she’s been writing the fictional universe for around six years, starting in early high school.

“I’ve always wanted to be an author,” Cavanah said, who works as a waitress in town. “I do my hours, I come home and then I just write and write, and write some more.”

The whole series has been plotted out, and Cavanah said she’s nearing the completion of the second book which is around a year away from publication.

Aside from the writing, she also creates all the concept art for the novel, before it’s sent to a designer in Mexico for digital rendering.

An avid fan of sci-fi, Cavanah describes the book as filled with tongue-and-cheek comedy, quirky chapter titles, outlandish themes and a colourful aesthetic.

She said she gravitates towards writing young-adult novels to offer an fantastical escape from the hardships of real life.

“When you come home and you’re looking for an escape, sometimes you’re not necessarily looking for something so complicated,” she said. “Sometimes you just want something that’s fun and exciting and adventurous.

“You can live vicariously through events you’re reading. Perhaps I can let other people in on the my adventures.”

Cavanah is also a filmmaker, having completed two independent films, and currently working on a comedy series for YouTube.

Her editor, Terry Marshall, was a regular patron at the restaurant where she worked. He came on board after offering to help out with the first novel, and said he plans on staying for the next two installments.

“She’s particularly talented as a filmmaker, she paints, she writes,” Marshall said. “She’s endlessly creative.”

The self-published book can be purchased directly on Amazon, through Kindle, and Cavanah is working on getting it in bookstores. It’s also been accepted into the Fraser Valley Regional Library.

She said signed paperbacks can be purchased by reaching out to her directly at



The first book was released on paperback for the first time three weeks ago. Facebook photo.

The first book was released on paperback for the first time three weeks ago. Facebook photo.