Mission's Michael Mitchell won $1 million on a scratch and win ticket.

Mission's Michael Mitchell won $1 million on a scratch and win ticket.

Mission man a millionaire

Michael Mitchell won $1 million after he picked up a scratch and win tickets at a local store.

  • Sep. 15, 2015 7:00 p.m.

Mission resident Michael Mitchell never thought he would reel in $1 million on a Scratch & Win ticket until he did just that last week.

The TV host of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing was returning home from filming when he decided to scratch his Extreme Millions ticket. That’s when he discovered he was a millionaire!

“I had to ask my dad to check the ticket over because it wasn’t registering that I had won $1 million. I still don’t think it has sunk in for me,” said Mitchell.

“I smiled when I got the ticket validated because the store clerk was so excited and immediately gave me a high five.”

Aside from sharing the news with his father, Mitchell told his wife about winning the million and at first, she didn’t believe him.

“She jokes with me and says things like, should I be asking a millionaire to do the dishes?” said Mitchell.

Mitchell will be sharing the money with his parents to pay off their mortgage and will also put the winnings toward college educations for his children. The first purchase he will make will be a new swimming pool for the entire family to enjoy.

The winning Extreme Millions Scratch & Win ticket was purchased at the Stave Lake Esso in Mission.