Mission students suffer medical emergencies

Mission students suffer medical emergencies

Two separate incidents took place Tuesday, involving a Mission Secondary and Hatzic Middle student

A Mission Secondary School student was taken to hospital by ambulance on Tuesday in what is believed to be a drug-related medical emergency.

Angus Wilson, superintendent of schools, confirmed the incident took place, but could not provide details because of confidentiality.

He did say the incident did not actually occur on campus.

That wasn’t the only medical issue on Tuesday.

“There was a medical incident at Hatzic Middle School yesterday (Tuesday) and a student was driven by ambulance to the hospital,” said Wilson.

Social media went wild with speculation regarding the incident. Some people reported that the student was involved in an accident or was electrocuted. But Wilson said those rumours are false.

“The student has a pre-existing medical condition,” said Wilson.

However, Wilson believes he knows how the rumour started. Earlier in the day the student had touched a Van de Graaff generator (a large silver ball that produces static electricity).

“That has nothing to do with what actually happened to him,” said Wilson, adding there was no accident or electrocution.