Nomination deadline one week away

With one week to go before the municipal election nomination cut off, here are the candidates who have filed their papers.

Council: Pam Alexis, Tom Armstrong, Bobby Brar, Terry Gidda, Kerm Gill, Lee Hanlon and Danny Plecas.

School trustee: Randy Cairns and Carol Hamilton.

The Record has also heard from these individuals that they intend to run for office:

Mayor: Ted Adlem and James Atebe

Council: Mike Scudder, Larry Nundal, Jenny Stevens, Dave Hensman, Nelson Tillbury, Jeff Jewell, Tony Luck, Paul Hockridge, Lila Rauh, and Heather Stewart.

School trustee: Cindy Miller.

The deadline for filing papers is Oct. 14 at 4 p.m., and the election will be Nov. 19.