Partiers turned away twice

Mission Mounties shut down a rave Saturday before it had a chance to start.


Local RCMP heard an estimated 1,200 were planning to go to the mud flats on Stave Lake for an all-night party. Information about the event had spread via Facebook and Twitter.

Police contacted the rave organizers, and they refused to stop the event, so a roadblock was set up and party-goers were turned back, said Cpl. Sharon Siluch.

Within six hours, she said, the organizers had moved over to the Davis Lake area on Sylvester Road, and again, police attended and turned away attendees.

“It was made very clear to the organizers and the people who were turned away at the roadblocks that the District of Mission and the RCMP do not condone┬áraves or any unsanctioned events of this nature,” said Siluch. “This event used up a considerable amount of police resources which included extra cost to the District of Mission.”