PROFILE: Jeff Jewell, councillor

Jeff Jewell brings a background in engineering and management in municipal government.

My degree in engineering and extensive management experience within municipal government provides a strong working knowledge of civic responsibilities and challenges, especially the continual need to “do more with less.” That’s why innovative and effective leadership is so essential.

As a retiree living on a reduced income, I’m well aware of the impact of higher taxation. I’d be vigilant and fundamentally committed to keeping the budget in check, and ensuring that citizens receive the best value for their tax dollars. As a relative newcomer to Mission, I recognize both its positive qualities and potential for improvement.

I think there’s an opportunity for Mission to attract more people by promoting its many benefits, especially for seniors and young families.

The West Coast Express is a great asset that Mission should be able to take better advantage of with a more focused growth strategy, thereby increasing the tax base and property values.