PROFILE: Karen Wootten, trustee

A volunteer with Mission Central Elementary School PAC, Karen Wootten is the former hot lunch program coordinator.

Karen Wootten has volunteered many hours of service to Mission. She is a parent member of the Mission Central Elementary School Planning Committee and a volunteer with that school’s PAC. Wootten is the former hot lunch program coordinator and spends as much time as possible helping at the school.

Volunteering in the production services area of the Mission Folk Music Festival is an important part of her life. The enthusiasm, dedication and positive energy that are part of both the festival organization and the school are qualities she cherishes and also considers to be some of her personal strengths.

Wootten is a passionate believer in public education. Her BA in literature and current work as a skate and hockey instructor have brought out her exceptional communication skills.

These will be crucial to improving the transfer of information between the school board and the public for the betterment of the entire system.