PROFILE: Kevin Francis, running for council

Kevin Francis, a community advocate and film buff, is running for city council.

  • Oct. 19, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Kevin Francis is the leading coordinator of the local chapter of the Cinema Politica group, a grassroots international organization that brings social issues to light on the silver screen.

He has been very active on the local front in Mission and has been involved with issues like the PSIT, the P3 Water Watch and food concerns in the city. He has brought many personalities to Mission like former Socred minister Rafe Mair, filmmakers Paul Manly and Damien Gillis, world-renowned author Joel Bakan and many more.

His infectious optimism, advocacy for the public good and belief in democracy has inspired other municipalities to open their own Cinema Politica chapters and create discussion forums for the good of the community.

A true enemy of apathy, his goal is to bring back honour to politics and engage the public in their government. His past work experience has been blue collar, making him a champion for the people.