PROFILE: Rhett Nicholson, councillor

Rhett Nicholson is a local businessman, community event organizer and youth leader.

Rhett Nicholson is a community leader with a young family, and is the co-owner of Sue’s Copy Place. He has helped businesses, non-profits and the public for 18 years.

Rhett’s passion for community resulted in MissionFest, the downtown street fair, with an attendance of 5,000 spectators.

He now sits as the marketing director for the Downtown Business Association. He also is a supporter of youth, dedicating his time to create events and creative outlets for teens and founded a non-denominational youth group, the Junior Optimist Club of Mission.

Mission can no longer afford to be a bedroom community; transportation cost are just too high. Using his education and work experience, he will work to create new investment for Mission. Eco-tourism, industry and waterfront/downtown development is part of his vision for job creation and development, as well as live council meeting broadcasts and scene selection replay via the District of Mission’s website.