PROFILE: Wendy Bales, area C (incumbent)

Wendy Bales is the incumbent for area C and has put her name forward again

My term as your Area C Director seems to have flown by. I have enjoyed working for you with all the variety the position encompasses.

I didn’t go in as a polished politician, but as someone who cares a lot about our area.

I have grown a lot with the job, but I think that the most important things I have given to the job have been my honesty, integrity, hard work, responding to communities concerns that have been brought forth and keeping an open mind.

I have completed and accomplished many things as well as the many more things that are in process.

I keep on top of many current events and do countless hours of research so that I am able to look at the bigger picture and long term concerns. I have always tried to work on behalf of what the majority of an area wants.