Report card small part of school story: Dunahm

Report card small part of school story: Dunahm

The annual Fraser Institute (FI) report card on secondary schools was released Sunday and ranks the local educational sites between 5.5 and 4.6 out of 10 overall.

The ever-controversial ranking system provides tables showing how well schools performed in academics for the previous five years.

The institute’s website says the document can be used by parents, teachers and administrators to help choose a school, or improve curriculum.

Mission Public Schools Supt. Frank Dunham said this year’s results are less relevant than before.

“Given that students in Grade 12 are no longer required to write provincial exams to gain admission to post-secondary institutions, fewer students are writing them,” he said.

The average exam mark is one of seven figures used by the institute to formulate a school’s score. Also included are the percentage of exams failed, school versus exam mark difference, the English gender gap, math gender gap, graduation rate and delayed advancement rate.

But this is only a small part of a school’s story, said Dunham.

“Data reported by the Fraser Institute provides a very limited view of the work being done in schools and does not account for the rich experiences provided by the arts, athletics, apprenticeships and other programs,” he noted. “Despite its limitations, we will be discussing the FI information with principals as we plan our improvement efforts for next year.”


Local rankings:


Overall: 5.5/10

Average exam mark: 66.2%

Percentage of exams failed: 8.7%


Heritage Park

Overall: 5.2/10

Average exam mark: 64.6%

Percentage of exams failed: 11.4%



Overall: 4.6/10

Average exam mark: 64.2%

Percentage of exams failed: 12.9%