Residents voice concerns over building project

Residents voice concerns over building project

Mission council asks for more information after water, fire safety issues raised.

Concerns regarding drinking water, septic tanks and fire prevention services have stalled a rezoning request that would allow for construction of a proposed three-lot subdivision, which could include secondary dwellings on each lot.

Council held a public hearing Monday night regarding a rezoning application for the property at 11445 Wilson St., in the Stave Falls area, and several residents voiced opposition to the project.

Among the concerns was the fact that the mountainous area does not have city water or sewer services.

Several residents were worried that because the new project would require septic tanks positioned above other properties, residue could leach into wells, contaminating other homeowners’ water supplies.

Others raised concerns that adding more homes could pose a danger as fire rescue services would be unable to combat a major blaze due to a lack of fire hydrants in the area.

Still others complained that the developer, Orca Pacific Development, has already begun preparing the land, clearing trees and building an access road, before getting final approval from council.

Ed Grice, a representative from the developer, told council that, under the current zoning, the developer is allowed to put in access to the property and no permits are required, regardless of what council’s final decision may be.

He also said the access road was being constructed with fire safety in mind.

“We had the fire marshal and the assistant fire chief up there to take a look at the property because we were very concerned about the possibility of fire up in there,” said Grice, who added the road will have a 12 per cent grade because he was told that would ensure there would be no problems getting a fire truck into the area.

After more debate between the developers and members of the public, council ended the public hearing and have asked staff to come back with more information on the septic tank concerns.