SCHOOL BOARD: Babich, Earl

School District 75: Babich, Earl - Board of Education trustee candidate

  • Oct. 27, 2014 11:00 a.m.


UBC  – Applied Science (Engineering)

UFV  –  Bachelor of Business Administration

Graduated 8 to 12 Secondary School with honours and Advanced Placement

Attended K to 7 Elementary School

Attended K to 3 Rural Elementary School



President of Able Enterprises Ltd.

Previous Political Experience

Trustee Candidate for Mission Public Schools in The District of Mission for 2011

Parent advocate for traditional and choice schools

Parent advocate to stop the Closure of Durieu Elementary School

Litigate for Tax Reform in the Tax Court of Canada



For past 24 years residence is in District F of the Fraser Valley Regional District in the beautiful Hatzic Vallley East of Mission.


Community Involvement

Hatzic Prairie, Durieu, McConnell Creak Ratepayers Association.


Marital status/children

Married with four children  –  two at Hatzic Elementary, one at Jumpsmart, and one two years away from all the fun.


Main Issues

My passion towards investing in education is paramount and I will achieve:

“Only the Best for Our Children”

See Election Brochure or request a copy at

The main issue facing the district is Declining Enrolment caused by poor Trustee decisions over the past 9 years.  This results in Mission students being educated outside of Mission Public Schools directly reducing the Revenues for our Public System. This loss of revenues causes less elective choices and less academic choices as well as an increased tax burden to parents.  This year an additional reduction of 28 students.

A new threat to Declining Enrolment is the Boards recent decision to move the grade 10 to 12 Students to Mission Secondary School for the 2015 year.  The Board is unsure to the additional loss of revenues Mission Public Schools will suffer.  The Board’s actions are purely irresponsible.

Parents want choice!  Parents want academic choices and elective choices. To choose a school that fits the needs of their children like a traditional/academic Secondary School.

Understanding the financial state of Mission Public Schools my vision is choice by having one Secondary School with two campus locations, save the 1 million dollars budgeted to fix Mission Secondary School for next September and use the assets we currently have.  I will not move all the students to MSS and then lobby the Provincial Government for more money to tear MSS down and rebuild it as the Incumbents are doing.

We need elected Board Members with the Integrity to achieve “Only the Best for Our Children”

A Further issue facing Mission Public Schools is the replacement of the Secretary Treasurer in the near future and I will hold firm that the new hire must be an educated Charted Accountant (CA).