SCHOOL BOARD: Cairns, Randy

School District 75: Cairns, Randy - Board of Education Trustee Candidate

  • Oct. 27, 2014 4:00 p.m.
Randy Cairns

Randy Cairns

Party Affiliation: B.C. NDP member

Education: Post Secondary

Occupation: Service Technician Canada Safeway

Previous Political Experience: 2 years President Maple Ridge-Mission

Provincial Constituency, 3 terms School Trustee Mission Public Schools

Residency: Mission B.C. since 1975

Community Involvement: Past coach in Mission Girls Soccer for 10 years.Past Referee

Mission Minor Soccer,Past member Board of Directors Mission Community Services 6 years, past volunteer Fraser Valley

Crisis Line 6 years, Past volunteer Citizens on Patrol 1 year.

Marital Status: Married to Carmen Cairns over 40 years, have three children all attended

and graduated in Mission Public Schools, two in French Immersion

What do you feel are two key issues Mission voters should be considering when choosing Trustee representatives in this election?

I feel declining enrollment which equates to less funding and maintaining and supporting quality education

in the public system.

Why and what would you do to address these issues?

I would continue to advocate for Public education as I have done in my previous term

in a fair and balanced manner. I have worked to be financially responsible in a time

of declining funds and claw backs. Also along with others on the Board looked at ways

to improve academic achievement and graduation rates which is the main driver to go

to a single High School so our Mission students have increasing educational opportunity

in the Mission Public School system. I hope if elected to continue to look at ways to

increase those opportunities by expanding Trades options for students and finding ways

to integrate our High School trades with Riverside College programs and also with those

two schools increase laddering up Trades opportunities with other Post-Secondary institutions.

I will continue as I have in public many times to advocate and speak out about the erosion

of Public Education due to funding shortfalls while realizing the necessity of managing and

improving our Districts academic opportunities within those constraints. I will continue to

lobby the Minister along with my fellow trustees about the importance of investing in our

students and the benefits of doing so for the future, instead of the continued talk of costs

in the short term. I also will continue to work towards having our schools as safe environments

for everyone in our schools both students and employees. I initiated Policy#25 Respectful Schools

and Anti-Bullying and Policy#26 Sexual Minority – Sexual orientation – Anti-homophobic to help

insure schools are safe for all. I will continue to work on an educational component for those

policies in the future so everyone understands the significance of these policies and safe

environments. I will continue to work in a fair and balanced manner with all in the coming

term as I have in my past terms. I hope for your consideration on November 15th to continue

the work we have begun in our District.