Searching for a home for the Seniors’ Centre

The district is looking at four possible homes for a permanent seniors' centre.

  • Thu Mar 1st, 2012 7:00pm
  • News

Mission's planning director Sharon Fletcher gives a talk at the Leisure Cetre about plans for a new seniors' centre.

Dozens of residents turned out Thursday afternoon at the Leisure Centre to look at storyboards, fill out surveys and listen to Mission’s director of planning discuss four possible options for a new, permanent home for the Seniors’ Centre.

Sharon Fletcher briefly discussed the options and addressed some questions council asked staff to look at in the past.

Seniors who attended were given a survey to fill out that asked a variety of questions such as:

• Should there be one centre or several smaller sites?

• Who should own it?

• What sort of amenities should it have?

A potential partnership between St. Andrew’s United Church, the District of Mission and the Mission Seniors’ Accociation was presented to council in October.