Study finds no problem with parking in Mission downtown

An average of two tickets issued daily between September and December 2012

An informal parking study has confirmed what council believes: the lack of parking spaces downtown is just a perception.

From Sept. 24, 2012 until Jan. 31, 2013, Mission’s bylaw enforcement officer documented parking activity while enforcing regulations at random dates and times. There was an average of 28 regular parking spots and four handicap parking spots available on both sides of First Avenue from Horne Street to Grand Street during the course of the three-and-a-half month study.

On the busiest day (Nov. 15) there were 11 stalls open, while during the slowest day (Dec. 6), there were 44 stalls vacant.

According to a report to council, the chronic offenders who violate the parking rules downtown are usually store owners and employees in the area, and have been seen “wiping off the chalk mark that staff leaves on the tires.”

Others will simply move their vehicle down one or two spots.

The district also received complaints about West Coast Express users parking in the area, but staff have found, based on the number of tickets issued, it is not a significant problem.

From September to December 2012, an average of two tickets were issued daily. Vehicles with three or more outstanding tickets can be towed.

Councillor Larry Nundal said the only time he has a problem with parking downtown is when there is a major event happening.

The district plans to inform the Downtown Business Association of its findings so its membership can be addressed.