Take steps to reduce likelihood of bear visits

Take steps to ensure your home isn't a magnet for bears.

Take steps to ensure your home isn't a magnet for bears.

Mission RCMP are warning residents be bear aware.

Every year more than 1,000 bears are killed in B.C. because of bear-human conflicts. Almost all  were attracted to neighbourhoods by improperly stored garbage and other attractants. They have an incredible sense of smell and can smell garbage from great distances.

Implement these changes to reduce bear-human conflicts:

• keep garbage inside;
• compost responsibly;
• pick the fruit, pick up windfalls;
• remove unwanted fruit trees;
• store pet food indoors;
• keep your barbecue clean;

• feeding bears, even unintentionally, is illegal.


If you see a bear in your neighborhood:

• Remain calm. Often, the bear is just passing through and, if it finds no food source, will simply move on.
• Keep away and warn others to do the same. Also, bring your children and pets into the house. Never approach or run away from the bear.
• If the animal appears to be threatening human safety, pets or livestock, or destroying property, call police, or the conservation officer at 1-877-952-7277.
• If you encounter a bear at close range, make yourself look big, group together, speak calmly, and back away slowly, preferably in the direction from which you came. Don’t run.