Trio of apartment buildings proposed

A proposal to build three apartment buildings with commercial retail space just west of downtown will be the subject of a May 24 public hearing.

The development, which will be built in three phases, is located at the corner of First Avenue and Wardrop Street. The project would include 163 residential units and about 842 sq. metres of commercial space.

The developer, Perspective Investments Ltd., also plans to include some live-work units, where a store’s owner can live above the business.

Mission council didn’t have any objections proceeding with the next steps, but had some concerns about the type of businesses proposed.

Both Couns. Paul Horn and Terry Gidda questioned whether or not second-hand stores would be a good fit, and Horn was also uncertain about allowing a dry cleaner in a residential building.

“We’ve always wanted a mixed-use development,” said Mayor James Atebe, advising the rest of council to keep an open mind. “The options are there for comment and now the proponent can address them.”

The public hearing will take place inside council chambers May 24 at 6:30 p.m.