Mission RCMP have closed off a large section of First Avenue after a reported bomb threat.

UPDATED: Bomb squad on the way as Mission Scotiabank robbed, threatened

Police have closed off a portion of First Avenue and have asked people to evacuate nearby buildings.

Mission RCMP have closed off a section of First Avenue after a bank robbery and bomb threat at the Scotiabank early Friday afternoon.

Witnesses on scene say a man walked into the Scotiabank, demanded cash and then left with an undisclosed amount of money.

As the suspect was leaving he put down a bag and claimed it had a bomb inside.

Police quickly evacuated the building and several surrounding businesses.

“It’s an ongoing investigation. There is a bomb threat and that’s why we’ve taken the precaution of evacuating the local area,” explained Mission RCMP Insp. Ted De Jager.

He said they have not confirmed whether there is a bomb yet.

At 3 p.m., police were still waiting for the bomb squad to arrive.

“They are on their way. That’s standard procedure for something like this.”

First Avenue is closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from Horne Street  to James Street. Welton Street is also closed.

“We’ve established a standard perimeter, like we would with any sort of bomb threat like that, until the explosives disposal unit is on scene and they make the assessment from there.”

There is no information about the suspect available other than from witnesses who say he appeared to be in his 20s.

However, the area around the Scotiabank is still closed off and police are refusing to let any people or vehicles nearby.