Video footage of a sasquatch-like being captured in Mission has gone viral.

Video footage of a sasquatch-like being captured in Mission has gone viral.

Video of sasquatch sighting viewed around the world

YouTube post by company that creates 'augmented reality' app

Video footage of an alleged sasquatch shot in Mission has gone viral, and reported in media around the world.

The YouTube clip was posted by a B.C.-based software company that creates smartphone games, and claims the footage was shot by a couple who had been hiking along a logging road above a lake in Mission, when they spotted something moving in the distance. They captured a hairy figure in the distance on film, and the video was placed online.

The Sun, a U.K.-based tabloid, picked up the video and put a story on their website, running it with the headline, “Is this mystery figure Bigfoot?” Fox News, the Huffington Post and other media outlets around the world have since posted the video on their websites.

The video, posted on YouTube on July 24 by the user LegendTracker, an app for iPhone and Android launched by the company PlayMobility, had already received over 70,000 on Monday. By Tuesday, it had reached over 400,000 views, and stirred up online discussion among those who believe Bigfoot is out there, and those who say the video is fake.

The LegendTracker app allows users to go on an “augmented reality geo-caching adventure,” where users can use their phones at specific locations to view legends, such as Ogopogo or the sasquatch.

Miles Marziani, CEO of PlayMobility, said the company created LegendTracker to help get kids “out of the house and out exploring.” They occasionally put out a call for the public to send in any footage pertaining to legends and recently made a call for Sasquatch videos.

About two weeks ago, they posted the submitted footage, which has since been picked up by media around the world. Marziani said they are not disclosing who shot it, or the exact location.

LegendTracker also posted video on July 22 of sasquatch supposedly being caught on video by Chinese tourists in Mission. That video has received about 11,000 views. The account has also previously released videos of Cal Crawford with Landmark Realty in Mission, showing a sasquatch a new home.

With all the attention tuned to the sasquatch seemingly residing in Mission, the District of Mission is happy to encourage people to get out and join the search.

Stacey Crawford, economic development officer for the district, said the municipality is actively promoting the LegendTracker app.

When asked whether the sasquatch is residing in Mission, Crawford said, “who knows?” but added that the LegendTracker app “takes advantage of Mission’s fantastic recreational outdoor amenities,” and helps people get out on local trails and some local corporate partners.

He said that the sasquatch has also been seen around Mission at “some local events,” and people will have to “stay tuned” to see where the sasquatch turns up next.