Zoning change rejected

Zoning change rejected

Plans for a housing development of Cedar Street nixed for now

A zoning change application that would allow for a new housing development on Cedar Street has been unanimously rejected by Mission council.

During a public hearing on Monday night, several people spoke out against the proposed rezoning application to create a 12-lot housing development at 8504 and 8522 Cedar St.

The subject site is located in the Cedar Valley Comprehensive Development Plan area on Cedar Street, south of Egglestone Avenue.

The public voiced many concerns. Most of them were about traffic congestion in the area and a proposal to push Sylvia Avenue through to Cedar Street.

Parking and lot sizes were also concerns mentioned at the public hearing.

After the public had its say, council also brought up concerns.

Coun. Jim Hinds agreed with many of the speakers, noting that Sylvia Avenue should not be pushed through to Cedar Street while Coun. Pam Alexis had numerous questions about the design.

“I would actually like to go back to the drawing board,” Alexis said about the proposed development, adding she was not happy with the lot sizes, some of which are just 3,000 square foot.

Council suggested that staff and the developer may want to take another look at the plan and try to figure out a way to move traffic more effectively.

Mayor Randy Hawes said he was not at all in favour of lots that small and, if council declined the application, the developer would have to come forward with a new application.

While Coun. Jenn Stevens was not at the meeting, the remainder of council all voted against the rezoning application, which drew applause from the crowd.

But Hawes told the crowd the proposal isn’t canceled completely as the developer has the right to alter the application and apply again.

“Stay tuned. It will be coming back.”