All Mission seniors invited to MCSA’s first birthday party

Editor, The Record:

Re: Seniors should have exclusive use of Taulbut Street centre, May 19 edition.

In response to the recent letter, may I suggest that seniors interests are best advanced by diplomatic negotiation, recognition of our needs, and of the parameters within which our municipal council is obliged to work, if budgetary restraint is to be observed.

Winging personal attacks, whether on elected officials or individuals, are not endearing, and if inaccurate, futile.

Mission Seniors Centre Association (MCSA) was established in 2006 to advocate for the provision of an appropriate facility to serve Mission and district seniors.

We have visited many other centres, explored needs and financial scenarios. We are discussing ways and means with council. We also concluded in 2008 that a temporary centre was vital to our needs and council agreed.

Thanks to two years of dedication by our wonderful crew of volunteers, notably Jaquie Phare, Marion MacLellan, Jeanne Price and Rosina Swyck, we are well-established at the Activity Centre on Taulbut and 10 Avenue. We have priority of use. Our sign adorns the building and June 9 is the anniversary of our opening celebration.

We invite all Mission seniors to come out to our first birthday event at 11 a.m. June 9, when there will be dignitaries, surprise entertainers and an activity demonstration, as well as refreshments. A Seniors’ Week tea will follow.

This is what I call real pro-activity! Don’t miss it.

Frank Sleigh

President, MCSA