Amazing job, Brent, says Mighty Mouse

Making the podium in swimming is one of the hardest of the summer sports

Editor, The Record:

As a five-time world record holder, triple Olympic medalist in swimming and International Swimming Hall of Fame member, I think I am reasonably qualified to say Brent Hayden’s performance winning bronze in the 100m freestyle just saved swimming Canada’s butt.

Wow. Way to go, Brent. What a performance, especially his effort in the last 25 meters. This is a very difficult event in which to reach the final, and given the field he was up against and to win bronze was awesome.

People in Canada have to understand how hard it is to win an Olympic medal in the Summer Games, and especially in high-profile events like swimming. It is one of the most difficult medals to win.

Winning a medal in any sport in the Olympics is a challenge, but if you look at the stats worldwide in the number of participants in swimming, to get on that podium has to be one of the hardest and most difficult to win. This makes Brent’s podium win even more impressive.

Brent’s performance in London 2012, in my humble opinion, just saved the swim program in Canada from being a dismal performance. To Brent I say you made me very proud today, not only as an ex-Olympic swimmer but as a Canadian.

Elaine “Mighty Mouse” Tanner