Candidates asked how they would reduce waste

Too much litter in Mission tossed by inconsiderate people

Editor, The Record:

As I drove to work today, passing the many dozens of election signs that covered every square inch of space along the road ways, I realized that I have neglected to even research or care about any of these names on the boards or what they stand for.

A couple days ago I was confronted by a man standing outside the Superstore who was stopping people to tell them about his campaign to run for mayor. I wish now I had taken the time to stop and speak with him because the more I think about Mission and what it needs, more questions seem to surface.

For instance, what are any of these councillor and mayoral contenders going to do to address the negative effects of illegal dumping and grow operations in our community. Namely, the garbage and waste that is constantly thrown in our streams, streets and back roads. As the coordinator for the Mission Adopt-A-Block Society, I have been face-to-face with these problems and it is many of our tireless volunteers who work to clean it up. Not to mention the heavily littered areas of town covered with takeout garbage from people too busy, lazy or inconsiderate to put it in a waste basket.

Over the course of four Saturdays, we cleaned up almost two tonnes of garbage and that didn’t even account for 1/10th of the streets in Mission.

To all the candidates, what are your plans to reduce waste, illegal dumping, and help encourage citizens to take more pride in their community and not litter?

Kristin Parsons

Adopt-a-block coordinator