Change needed around table

A permanent seniors' centre and an increase in the industrial tax base are required

Editor, The Record:

Why vote? Aside from the obvious democratic right to do so, the pragmatic reason is the people we elect get to spend our tax dollars.

The immense importance of the role, which requires people who are competent, accountable, transparent, responsive to residents and prudent with tax dollars is often lost.

We must be wary of the bottom-line-only syndrome that perpetuates a lack of progress. Rather, careful governance of tax dollars still permits Mission to expand in a sensible way, create inclusive and age-friendly communities observing smart growth, not urban sprawl.

Major focus is needed to increase the industrial tax base, grant seniors a permanent centre and on transparent budgeting where every dollar spent is transparent, and with every dollar surplus, the reserve account is known.

The major focus of this election is to create and manage change, starting with new faces around the council table.

George F. Evens