Coroner’s inquest must happen

Editor, The Record:

The tragic murders of Sept. 18, 2008 on Shaw Road reinforces the need for a coroner’s inquest.

I do not think there is a person familiar with this case who does not believe that Lisa Dudley would be alive if the RCMP had done their job. She sat for four days fighting for her life and no one investigated the shots fired 911 call placed by a neighbour that night. She was eventually found by the neighbours.

Even though it was originally reported an inquest would be held, I have this uncomfortable feeling that it won’t.

We now find out that Const./Cpl. Mike White thought this 911 call was apparently funny and laughed about it to the 911 operator. Wow, wonder what it takes to consider taking a “shots fired” call seriously?

The RCMP have apparently issued a “recommendation” that all “shots fired” calls are to be treated as a priority. Makes one wonder why that is even necessary. “Shots fired” sounds pretty important to me. You also have to wonder what the previous recommendation was. Maybe “if you get time” or “if you see a body.”

I am not sure if the “operational guidance” helped Mike White or not, but what I do know is that the RCMP involved certainly need some sensitivity training along with a serious upgrade on how to do their job.

If this case had been treated in a professional manner, Lisa’s parents would not have had to bury their daughter and very possibly the bad guys would have been caught. The bottom line is that the RCMP did not do their job and Lisa paid the price. This whole case cries out for a coroner’s inquest. If it does not happen, that just makes these murders all the more tragic.

J. Pratt