Demand better policies instead of blaming unions

Letter writer responds to Tom Fletcher's latest column

Re: End this bloody B.C. school war, Feb. 7 edition.

Once again, I read with some humour Tom Fletcher’s perspective on the rule of law in regards to our B.C. government and its dealing with teachers across the province.

While the current government has had its hand slapped for the second time for the same thing (ignoring and trying to circumvent the Canadian Constitution and the law of the land), it has chosen to appeal the latest slap.

As Tom points out, rightly so I believe, if the government obeys the law it may have a larger financial impact on its budget. However, if we expect our teachers to bear the brunt of poorly developed and implemented political policies, then perhaps we need to demand better policies from our elected government rather than blame unions.

While Tom asserts that governments can not let unions control their own payroll, I think that he might consider that contracts between two parties that are fairly negotiated should not be so casually and callously shredded by one of the parties.

Teachers do not feel respected by this government, and I suspect that while editorials tout a government party line and blame “unions” for imagined disasters that might occur because unions expect governments to obey the laws of the land, then little will change.

Gavin Karey-McKenna