Drive at the posted limits

Many Mission drivers are routinely ignoring posted speed limits in town

Editor, The Record:

Correct me if I am wrong, please. The speed limit in Mission proper is 50 km/h unless posted, while school zones are 30 km/h.

Along First Avenue in downtown, and on North Railway Avenue the speed zones are posted as 40 km/h. All others are 60 km/h for Lougheed Hwy. and the approach to Mission Bridge, then it is 80 km/h over the bridge. If this is so, why is everyone passing me in the school zone, downtown and on Lougheed Hwy. at double time?

I live on Tunbridge Avenue, or should I say Tunbridge Speedway. Where is everybody going and why are they in such a hurry? It is a race to the stop sign from Tunbridge to Cedar Street in the morning, then a race from Cedar to Tunbridge in the evening.

I don’t understand the big hurry. Driving down the 50 km/h Cedar Connector is a hoot. Me, in my lane doing the posted speed, again everyone either tailgating or passing at double and triple time. It is no wonder there are more accidents in Mission.

I understand the police cannot patrol all major routes, and the Community Speed Watchers with their speed postings do little or nothing to help the problem. It is truly scary to drive out there. It is really a dilemma.

And yes, I will await the critics who are the speeders and texters to tell me to watch my own road and mind my own business. I do watch my own road, I also watch my own speed limits because I do not want to cause an accident and I do not want to pay a hefty fine.

The slogan used to be, “slow down and live.” Still applies today.

Sharon Anderson