EDITORIAL: Are you truly prepared?

Take stock of how ready your family would be to survive days without help

The wicked wind and pounding rain storm Saturday afternoon took its pound of flesh from the district on Saturday afternoon.

It was a beautiful day until mid-afternoon, when the ominous black clouds rolled in, followed by wind that relocated more than a few bits of patio furniture, and then rain that fell hard enough to pit the ground.

Emergency services crews were dispatched all over the municipality to deal with downed power lines, and assorted building alarms once the power kicked back in.

And while advice on how to secure the safety of you and your family is readily available, Saturday’s weather event went to show yet again how unprepared some people may be for a natural disaster, or other long-term societal disruption.

Countless people flooded local restaurants and inundated delivery spots with phone calls once it became apparent the power wasn’t coming back on anytime soon.

Most people’s reason: no food in the house.

We doubt the vast majority of residents truly had zero food they could consume, and that the power outage just provided a break from the norm and therefore maybe the family deserved a treat.

But in the larger scope, we believe it shows how abysmally unprepared the population has allowed itself to be.

Given we’re constantly counselled year in, year out, about the necessity to have a minimum of three days’ worth of food, water and supplies, too many people don’t heed the advice. Government services, grocery stores and other cogs to the normal life machine simply won’t be available in the advent of a disaster.

The only person responsible for your safety is you.