EDITORIAL: Protect yourselves

Break-ins have plagued local businesses in the past few months, despite the best efforts of the RCMP.

Mission RCMP are preparing to host their second annual police forum on March 23. The event encourages the public to attend and share their views on policing priorities in the community.

It also features an update on crime trends, a review of the local detachment’s annual performance plan and an update on new initiatives to increase levels of service.

It is likely that some local business owners, especially in the downtown core, will attend the event and have plenty of questions.

Break-ins have plagued local businesses in the past few months and, despite the best efforts of the RCMP, incidents continue to occur, costing business owners thousands of dollars in damages.

While such break-ins are a common problem in any community, it does appear that Mission has seen a rise in complaints.

While the RCMP are here to investigate the incidents, it is unrealistic to assume that they can prevent them from happening altogether.

There is not enough money in the police budget to have officers stake out buildings, waiting for thieves to strike.

The best way for business owners to protect their investments is to take security matters into their own hands and protect themselves.

Security cameras, alarms and window bars are one avenue to explore. However, simple things like leaving lights on overnight can provide a less expensive security upgrade.

Thieves like to work in the dark.

Before you ask the RCMP what they are going to do, ask yourself the same question.