EDITORIAL: Share your ideas at town hall meetings

Mission town hall meetings are scheduled for April 25, Sept. 12 and Dec. 12

We often complain about governnents and the way they are running our lives. Whether it’s over the dinner table or at a party, political debates often get heated and we groan about how our daily lives are impacted.

Municipal governments and the decisions local councils make affect us every day, from the new shopping centre to a condensed housing development in a neighbourhood.

Maybe you are worried about safety in the community, or that there aren’t enough trails and parks to enjoy. Maybe you have ideas on how to improve Mission.

Who do you talk to and how do you get politicians to listen?

Mission council is making it easy for residents in this community to be heard. There are three town hall meetings being planned and no agenda.

This is your opportunity to tell the government what you think and discuss your concerns/suggestions.

Mark your calendars. The meetings will be on April 25, Sept. 12 and Dec. 12 at municipal hall. All meetings will begin at 7 p.m.

Residents are being given plenty of notice the adjust their schedules. Plan to attend at least one of these meetings to learn about your community, and maybe even meet some neighbours and the men and women who are running this town.

Bring your concerns and sugggestions. Or sing their praises if you like the way things are.

This is your chance to be heard.