EDITORIAL: Vaping, why debate it?

EDITORIAL: Vaping, why debate it?

Why is vamping allowed if experts are unclear of the possible health hazards?

Inhaling vapours from an e-cigarette, also known as vaping, is a growing trend for many people.

Some say they like the flavours, others believe it helps them to stop smoking, while some say it’s just something to do.

The real question is not why people vape, but what impact it has on their health.

And the answer is we just don’t know. Health officials are wary of the product, but admit there is no evidence yet whether it is harmful or not.

However, they do point out that e-cigarettes are unregulated, which raises quality control questions.

In an age where everybody seems overly concerned with what they are putting in their bodies – who doesn’t read the labels on food products these days – it’s difficult to comprehend why someone would risk breathing in a vapour that may be harmful.

Even more worrisome is the fact that children and teens seem to be the demographic target, considering the products come in a variety of fun flavours.

There should be no debate. If there are possible health concerns, the producr should be avoided.