EDITORIAL: Who’s running again?

Voters can now brace themselves for a plethora of speeches, public appearances and plenty of political promises made by candidates.

Canadians, including Missionites, are getting ready to go to the polls for the 2015 federal election on October 19.

Voters can now brace themselves  for a plethora of speeches, public appearances and plenty of political  promises made by candidates vying for their favour.

While some voters may already have a party which they choose to support – no matter who is running – others have more than two months to get to know the various candidates in the new riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon.

But in an area this vast, getting to know a candidate may be a challenge, especially considering that one hasn’t been named yet and another was recently switched.

The NDP has not chosen their candidate, though an announcement should come this weekend. As for the Conservatives, Liv Grewal was replaced last week by Brad Vis.

Liberal candidate Jati Sidhu has been in place for months and has a nice head start on the “name recognition front” over his newly announced opponents. Arthur Green, of the Green Party, has also been in place for some time.

That leaves independent candidate Wyatt Scott to round out the ballot slip. More may be to come.

Voters have their homework to do, especially in the canyon, if they want to learn about these candidates.